Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We LOVE our new house!

Tyler and I were lucky enough to get into a townhouse that we have had our eye on since we were first married... Thanks to the efforts of Tyler's mom. Now we are happily Lehi residents and live five blocks from Tyler's family. We Love it! Though we have only lived here for two weeks we have already christened the walls with blood... Let me explain: Tyler and I were horsing around one night, when our heads collided. He rolled one way and I rolled the other, completely absorbed in our own pain. When I felt something wet on my forehead. Needless to say I was shocked and at first didn't realise what had happened, til I kept getting wetter and wetter. Thats when it hit me... I was bleeding! I calmly told Tyler that I thought I was bleeding, and the look of sheer horror that came over his face when he turned to look at me caused me to back against the wall, smeering blood all over it. From the look he was giving me and how pale he went I thought for sure I was on the brink of death. He quickly rushed me to the bathroom, where he wouldn't let me look in the mirror, just proceeded to hastily wash off the cut so he could "see the damage.'' Since I still felt ok except for the blood that was by now going down my neck and dripping of my chin, I thought for sure I was going to be maimed for life by how he was acting. After half a dozen phone calls to Tyler's mother we got the bleedind stopped and applied gauze for the night. We then returned to the scene of the accident... It looked like a horror movie. Blood was all over the quilts of our bed and there were bloody handprints streaked across the wall. Scary. But in the end Tyler and I are both now healing nicely from our trama.