Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Everyone Vote

Hey everyone,
You can now all vote on whether you think we will be having a Boy, Girl, or (heaven forbid) Twins. The poll is at the bottom of the blog. Just so you know, Tyler votes for a Girl, and Kelly votes for a Boy (but is torn between that and twins..... yikes). Speaking of twins, when we were down in vegas for thanksgiving (No Andrew, we don't hate you), we got to visit for a while with great grandma Stapely. We told her that we had just found out that we were pregnant and she said "well Kelly you had better take care, there are probably 2 in there." We freaked. Why would she say that?!? She wasn't saying it in jest either, she was actually serious....... so needless to say we're a little scared. It would be kindof fun though. So anyways, we find out around Tyler's birthday (3/29) so vote before then!


JENNIE! said...

i vote girl....:)

sarah said...

i nanny twins two pairs... one boy girl and two boys... they are so much fun i want my own!!!! good luck