Sunday, April 26, 2009

We're Alive

We are here, we promise. We just don't have a ton of time to blog that's all..... So, here's a play by play of the last few months
  • It's a BOY! (You were all wrong. well, most of you). By some magic power, Kelly knew all along that it was a boy. The name that we have picked out for him is Kalvin Tyler Dixon. We love it!
  • Tyler is just about done with the hardest freaking semester of his life. Last final is Wednesday 4/29 @ 7am
  • Tyler got his license back! (yes, BACK)
  • We are convinced that Kalvin will be a pro soccer player by the way he kicks Kelly's ribs until they're sore, or even better, kicks her bladder =)
  • We had a great little vacation last month. We went down to Moab, UT for a weekend and had a ton of fun. We hiked the arches (yes, all 3 of us. Kelly's a good sport), searched for Indian petroglyphs, and had a lot of fun walking down main street enjoying the shops and food.
  • Tyler turned 24 the same day that Kalvin turned 24 weeks. We are now 28 weeks along as of today.
  • It was great to have Brad come home a few weeks ago.
  • Kelly and Lisa are having loads of fun decorating the extra bedroom for the baby's arrival. The colors are burnt orange and red, dark and light blue, yellow and some different shades of green. It sounds like a crazy combination, but it actually all comes together great! Once we have the room done we'll post some pictures up.
  • Tyler hates math (right now, anyways)
  • Kalvin LOVES cinnamon jolly ranchers and hates the vaccume. He really gets moving in mommy's tummy when he tastes (yes, he can taste now) that spicy cinnamon flavor. He also really startles when the vaccume comes on. It's actually quite funny
I think that's about it, and we will try to be better about keeping you more up to date, especially as our baby's arrival gets closer.


Kevin Camp said...

congrats. boys are so fun!

amy elise said...

i'm so happy for you guys. the world needs more dixon boys. congrats!!